AERC provides professional translation services to individuals, companies, and institutions. We specialize in academic translation only. AERC translates documents, credentials, diplomas and transcripts from almost any language into English. AERC provides accurate translation that properly identifies degrees, diplomas and certificates. AERC translations are tailored to the specific academic needs of the applicants. The official translation is attested to its accuracy and certified by the official seal of the corporation.

AERC will ONLY translate from ORIGINAL or OFFICIAL documents with the fresh ink seal of the institution. Our translations are widely accepted by the U.S. government, school districts, colleges and universities and licensing boards. AERC is a corporate member of the American Translators Association/ATA.

Applicant provided translations, prepared elsewhere and submitted to AERC for use in the evaluation process, may be accepted under certain conditions. Translation provided by applicant must be accompanied by the original documents in the native language. Translations must be properly certified and prepared by ATA certified translators. Translation from outside of the United States must be done by an officially certified translator.

AERC reserves the right to accept or refuse Notarized translations that do not meet AERC criteria. The U.S. notaries are public officials commissioned by state governments to act as impartial witness in signing of important documents and to administer oaths. The authority is very limited and certainly the translator cannot perform the duties of a notary.

Do not submit English translations without the original/official documents in the native language. If you need assistant with the translation of your academic records, please contact AERC office for more information (626) 339-4404.

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