Graduates of United States colleges and universities who are planning to live or work in a foreign country are often required to authenticate their degrees and diplomas. AERC handles all of the required procedures for diploma authentication. The length of time required for authentication varies depending on governmental and institutional processing time. AERC will only accept original documents for authentication: original transcripts of records, original diploma issued by the U.S. institution. This procedure applies only for U.S. graduates to proof legitimacy of the U.S. degree earned.

The steps taken for authentication of U.S. degree are:

  1. Verification of the degree from the granted U.S. institution from where the degree was obtained.
  2. To be signed by the Secretary of State, Notary Public Division.
  3. To be signed by the Department of State Authentication Office, Washington D.C.
  4. To be registered with the Embassy of the country where the applicant is going to have use of the degree earned in U.S.
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