1How do I get an application for an AERC evaluation report?
You may access an AERC application from this website (see applications); or you may call our office at (626) 339-4404 to request an application form or a facsimile, or can be completed when you visit the office.
2What is the procedure for an evaluation?
To request an evaluation report, you must complete an application form and submit it to us along with all required documentation and all applicable fees. All documentation must be original or official (see applications).

AERC provides two types of evaluation reports: General and Detailed.


If you have additional questions about which type of report to request, please contact us. We recommend that you first contact the institution(s) to which you will be submitting the report to determine which type of report is required.
3What if I have questions about my evaluation report after it is prepared?
Any questions may be submitted in writing. There is no fee to review your report within thirty days of the date it was prepared. After thirty days, a $60.00 re-activation fee will be charged.
4What if the documentation I submit is insufficient?
AERC staff will contact you if additional documentation is required.


AERC will keep your file active for 90 days. If there is no contact within four months your file will be inactive. In such case, there will be no refund.
5Will my documents be returned?
AERC will return all original documentation submitted by applicants by certified mail at the expense of the applicant (fee of $20.00). Documents sent directly to AERC by an academic institution become property of AERC.
6What if I need two different types of evaluation report?
If two different types of report are requested, two separate evaluation fees are required.
7How can I make a payment to AERC?
Payment must be in U.S. dollars, and be made by money order, cashier check or personal check. Money orders and checks must be made out to AERC. All rush evaluations must be paid by money order. AERC does not accept Debit or Credit Card payments. If the money order or check is issued by a bank outside the U.S., it must contain the printed name of the U.S. bank with which the bank is affiliated. AERC does not accept bank drafts or cash. All fees are subject to change without notice.
8How long will it take to prepare my evaluation report?
Reports without rush service are usually prepared within an average of 15 to 20 business days from the date we receive all required documentation and fees. However, if delay is unavoidable for further research, AERC will contact the applicant regarding the estimated time required to complete the evaluation.


AERC offers two types of rush service:


5-business days: Available for all report types. 5-day rush reports are completed within five business days following receipt of all required documents (see Fee Schedule).


3-business days: Available for all report types. 3-day rush reports are completed within 3 business days following receipt of all required documents (see Fee Schedule).
9How many reports will the applicant receive at the time of evaluation?
One official evaluation report and one applicant copy are included in the report. AERC will send the report to the applicant unless instructed otherwise in the application form.


There is an additional fee for requesting additional copies (see fee schedule).


If an additional report is desired, please provide name and complete address of that party in the application form.
10How do I make a request for a copy of a previously prepared report?
AERC can issue additional copies of previously prepared evaluation reports. This service is available for reports prepared within the last four years following the evaluation. If the recommendations have been changed during these years, a new evaluation is required with the appropriate fees.


To request additional copies of the evaluation report, you may use the “Request for Additional Official Copies Form” from this website mail it or drop off in person. Be sure to sign the request form. AERC will issue the copies within five business days of receiving your written request and the required fees. For an additional fee of $20.00, copies will be issued within two business days. (money order only).
11What is the procedure if the documents presented are in a language other than English?
AERC must receive English translations of all documents issued in a language other than English. All translations must be prepared by a certified translator, English department of universities or court certified interpreter/translator. English department of university or court certified translator, ATA certified translator. Notary public translations are not accepted. AERC also provides translations for an additional fee (see fee schedule).
12Does AERC evaluate work experience?
AERC only evaluates academic work and educational credentials. AERC does not evaluate work experience.
13Can I submit my documents by courier service or in person?
You may submit your documents by courier service or by person. The address is as follows:


American Education Research Corporation
382 East Rowland Street
Covina, CA 91723
Phone: (626) 339-4404 & (626) 339-4051
14Can I cancel my request for evaluation?
Yes, you may cancel your request for evaluation if the evaluation has not been processed (for any reason). In such case, AERC will charge $50.00 for cancellation. The return of the documents will be made by registered or certified mail.
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