Application Instructions

An evaluation is processed upon receipt of the following:

1. Complete AERC Application Form

  • Check type of service requested
  • If requesting foreign credentials evaluation, check the type of report requested
  • Be sure to complete all questions on the Application Form as requested
  • Sign and date the Application Form

2. Submit original/official transcripts and diplomas (Academic records)

  • “Originals” are documents with a signature and fresh seal of the educational institution sent by the applicant.
  • “Officials” are documents with signature and fresh seal sent directly by the institution of attendance to AERC.
  • Original and official documents sent by the applicant are returned to the applicant upon completion of the evaluation report by regular mail unless requested otherwise and delivery fees are paid. AERC is not responsible for documents lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Include program of study and course description, if available.

3. Certified English Translations if documents are in a foreign language

  • If requesting translation and evaluation, translation fees are additional

4. Include fees according to the Fee Schedule (Check or Money Order payable to AERC)
The application, documents and fees must be mailed to:

American Education Research Corporation (AERC)
P.O. Box 996
West Covina, CA 91793-0996, USA

For courier service deliveries, please send to:

American Education Research Corporation (AERC)
382 East Rowland St
Covina, CA 91723, USA

General Information

Processing Time

1. Standard Evaluation Processing Time - AERC requires approximately 20 working (business) days to process an evaluation from the day ALL documents and payment are received.

2. Rush Evaluation Service - Rush Evaluation Service is available for an additional fee. AERC offers two types of Rush Service:

  • 5 - business days upon receiving all required documents and fees (please see fee schedule).
  • 3 - business days upon receiving all required documents and fees (please see fee schedule).

Credentials Required For Evaluation
AERC accepts original or official documents for evaluation. These documents will be returned to the applicant upon completion of evaluation by regular mail. There is an additional charge for mailing these documents by certified, registered or courier service. AERC is not liable or responsible for documents lost, stolen or damaged.

Certified copies by County Credential Personnel are accepted except in cases where originals or officials documents must be presented. Certified copies by college or university admission officers of the U.S. institution in possession of the original documents are accepted for reporting to the certifying institution only. Certified copies will become properties of AERC. All non-English documents must be accompanied by certified English translation. A translation fee will be applied for all documents presented in a language other than English.

Proof of secondary school completion (high school diploma or transcripts) may be required for all undergraduate level evaluations.

Extra Official Evaluation Report
You may order additional official copies of the evaluation report at the time of your application or after the evaluation has been completed. To request an official evaluation report after the evaluation has been completed, you may request it in writing or complete an AERC form “Additional Official Evaluation Report Form” from this website.  

Evaluation Review
Once an evaluation has been completed, any questions regarding the evaluation report must be submitted in writing to AERC within the first 30 days of the completion date. Requests for review of the evaluation of questions concerning the evaluation submitted after 30 days of the date the evaluation was completed will be subject to a $50.00 review fee.

Re-evaluation of credentials not submitted with the original application request are treated as new evaluations and a second payment of the evaluation report is required. Requests to change a Report type (e.g. General Evaluation Report to a Detailed Evaluation Report or vice-versa), once an evaluation has been completed, requires the full evaluation fee for the new Report.

Insufficient Documentation
AERC will contact the applicant or the agent representing the applicant if additional information, documents, or fees are needed to prepare the evaluation. The evaluation will not be processed until all documentations and fees have been received. Failure to supply the additional requested documentation within four months will result in the cancellation of the application with no refund.

WARNING: Alteration or irregularities in records presented will result in severe repercussion. In such a case, the documents will be impounded and the information may be disseminated to local authorities, other institutions and evaluation services. Refunds will not be processed in these cases.

IMPORTANT: It is important to read and understand all terms and conditions stated under the heading of Terms and Conditions. Applicants or their representatives must request any AERC service in writing.