About Us

American Education Research Corporation (AERC) is an independent professional service that offers its expertise to school districts, colleges, universities, higher education systems, companies, law firms, and government institutions.  It is staffed by career professionals who are dedicated to the purpose of making higher education available to those who seek it.

AERC bases its evaluations on recommendations established by the National Council on the Evaluations of Foreign Educational Credentials, recognized international and professional organizations, and its own research.  As a result, AERC accepts only original or official documents for evaluation.  AERC completes its commitment to full evaluation service by providing translation, authentication services, and institutional accreditation listings to its clients.  These additional services are unique to AERC.

The materials that AERC provides to its clients are easy to read and use.  AERC evaluation analysts work thoroughly and quickly, to ensure quality evaluations at minimal cost.

American Education Research Corporation is a member of the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE).